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Septeto Trio Los Dos
Traditional Cuban Son "como e"

Septeto Trio Los Dos is recognized as the top Cuban Son band in the Benelux. Based out of the Netherlands, every year the band spends a number of weeks in Cuba broadening their repertoire together with the best groups in Santiago. As a result they now enjoy tremendous popularity in “Oriente”. The band’s live performances and interviews for “Radio Mambí” and “Radio Revolución” have resulted in them being booked every year in the famous Casa de la Trova whenever they are in Santiago. Other known venues are La Casa de la Musica, Peňa de Artex, La Maison and El Quitrin. In 2010 and 2011 STLD was invited to perform at the Festival de La Trova Pepe Sanchez By Eliades Ochoa. In April 2013 the band played two shows in the "Salon de los Grandes"of the Casa de la Trova.

In the summer of 2002 and 2004 the group played Exit festival in Novi Sad Serbia. With crowds of over 5000 going wild it is clear that traditional son “no se va a morir” for the next 100 years. Other tours have taken them to Lithuania, Zwitserland, Belgium, Curaçao and Colombia.

STLD works closely with latin danceschools in NL to promote the Son Cubano. El Punto Cubano, Sabroso, Esencia, Mariposa, Esquina Cubana, Salsamoso, Salsa Union, Cubaten, all love working with the group because of its unique character. In 2015 the group has taken its show to the next level with performances at the famous Bevrijdingsfestival in Wageningen and one of the icons of NL venues: Paradiso Amsterdam.
Traditionsl Son music and dance are extremely gracious in the omnipresent "matiz"and contratiempo which allows couples to actually dance with eachother instead of spinning 1 million circles to a DJ or big salsa band without listening to what is going on in the music. El tumbaito sabroso, si senor!

Having recently celebrated their 20the anniversary, the band members are all close friends and absolutely love to be on stage. Audiences say this can be felt time and time again at any show. You will never see a STLD musician or Sonero in Santiago reading from a booklet at a live show, pura energia sin igual!

So take some time to find out for yourself. Septeto Trio Los Dos can be seen live practically every weekend in dance halls, salsa festivals and latin events.
Bienvenidos y a gozar con lechon y picante

El Grupo:

Pepito - Tres, armonico, coros
Enrique- Contrabajo, double bass
Chiel "el pavo real" - Trompeta, clave, coros
Juan Alberto - Guitar, lead singer
Thierry - Conga, coros
Martin - Bongo, campana, coros
Glenn - Maraca, guiro 



Traditional Son with an original twist 

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